training in peacebuilding and conflict transformationTraining individuals and conflict transformation organisations increases the field’s potential to transform conflicts for the better. Furthering the knowledge, professional competencies and skills of practitioners ensures that key people are best equipped to tackle the challenges of a highly demanding environment. Training is not just about providing expertise; it is also about sharing experiences, joint problem solving and generating knowledge amongst practitioners themselves.
Our training is guided by field experiences as well as the latest developments and concepts in the peacebuilding discipline. Additionally, training must work towards setting clear benchmarks for quality performance and career orientation.

All trainings are custom-built upon the specific needs and requirements of the participants – ranging from diplomats to grassroots, voluntary peace workers.

Examples of completed projects …

  • basic orientation course in peacebuilding and conflict transformation for  diplomats (German-based development agency)
  • advanced training and facilitating course in project cycle management (German-based NGO)
  • advanced training in peace and conflict impact assessment (PCIA) methodologies (German-based NGO)
  • training in principled/interest based negotiations