peacebuilding and conflict transformation theory and practiceAs an independent and unique academic discipline, peace and conflict studies has a short history beginning in the 1920s. However, armed and non-armed conflicts and the eager striving for overcoming violence, the search for suitable solutions in conflictual situations are as old as human kind. Even the arts are challenged and tempted by inner and outer conflicts. Paradoxically, conflicts also serve as the source for innovation and creation.

We provide academic courses and lectures that outline and explore the wide, multi-disciplinary nature of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. We work together with study forums exploring the breadth and depth of the field and discipline.

training framework

  • philosophical beginnings of the discipline
  • research and conceptual issues
  • analysis & monitoring
  • inter-personal interventions (micro level)
  • group interventions (meso level)
  • structural interventions (macro level)
  • ethical and moral considerations for the field
  • physical, socio-psychological considerations
  • lessons learned and best practices - where are we now?

All courses are custom-built upon the specific needs, requirements and level of students and participants.