Information Sheets

Principles & Guiding Notions

Principles & Guiding Notions: that set and steer our peacebuilding & conflict transformation work

We would like to share with you, our partners and prospective clients interested in our work, some of the key principles and guiding notions that set and steer our consulting work in peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

Austin Consult, June 2013


Consultation Process

Our Consultation Process: a guide to our peacebuilding and conflict-transformation consulting work

This short outline of a standard consultation process. Over the years, we have developed an approach aimed at best meeting our partners’ needs and maximising the possibility of change. This introduction aims to give our partners and clients a clear idea of how we approach consulting in peacebuilding and conflict transformation as well as what they can expect from our services. While no single approach fits all settings, the following as an outline of how we engage in peacebuilding consultations.

Austin Consult, June 2013