partners - peacebuilding and conflict transformation consultant serviceOur partners include decision makers on the Track 1.5 and project leaders on the management level. Many are NGOs working in difficult conflict environments who continue to show remarkable courage and determination in tackling the challenges posed by the crisis in their own settings.

We have also supported academic institutions, governmental and inter-governmental agencies, civil society and peace practitioners in general, the development cooperation sector and charitable institutions. Our services are available to all stakeholders who are working openly and honestly for reducing violent conflict and striving for peace.

We build long-standing partnerships with most of our partners believing that change can only be realised over the long term. We work together to increase the strategic position in tackling issues on the ground in peace and conflict processes.

In collaboration with partners, we help them:

  • develop targeted strategies for change
  • integrate monitoring and evaluation methodologies into their daily work
  • create collaborative and networked organisation
  • drive effectiveness through approaches such as peace and conflict impact assessments, organisational feasibility evaluation and context analysis
  • build cutting-edge capabilities in areas such as grassroots, non-violent activities for the civil peace service
  • envision and build programme structures for the organisation to cope with the future and remain co-adaptive to changes in conflict dynamics
  • better understand the role of other stakeholders, donors, sectors in the changing processes of peace and conflict
  • navigate the relationship between government and civil society, developing and implementing strategies for a social impact
  • identify and empower ‘strategic partners’ to support in-field projects.

Running through all these endeavours is the goal to bring about a constructive impact for those directly affected by ethnopolitical conflict through helping others to find solutions for themselves.

Current Partners