networks for peace - peacebuilding & conflict transformationThe proliferation of networks over the past twenty years has been rapid. Those in peacebuilding, and used as platforms for civil society, are no exception. While there is a continuous call for ‘greater cooperation’, international experiences have taught us that network effectiveness increases with a clear and specific understanding about what or around what they are cooperating.

As networks develop over time, frequently in organic processes of development, work is required to ensure that they remain at the top of effectiveness through adaptation: a process fraught with challenges. Consequently, our work in this area covers: network mapping and audits, analysis of change processes internal to the network structures and organs, and network strategy and process development.

Our Competencies:

  • designing, developing and implementing a cross-organisational, strategic framework of multi-dimensional approaches from constitutional reform to collaborative problem-solving workshops (Sri Lanka-based INGO)
  • reviewing and assessing of integrated approaches for implementation (London-based INGO)
  • consolidating current efforts and establishing a systematic approach to identify ways forward (global network)

Impact Cases

Developing a Practical Strategic Framework for Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka: moving from a pioneering to a consolidated phase of network building
Sri Lanka