mission - Austin Consult Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation Consultant ServiceTo help decision makers and local stakeholders in peace and conflict processes make distinctive, sustainable and constructive impacts towards transforming conflict and building a stable and durable peace.

Austin Consult is an independent consulting practice for actors working in conflict environments on strategies for addressing ethnopolitical conflicts. We work with partners in all sectors and different regions to identify their greatest opportunities, address the most critical challenges and support them in transforming conflict and building a stable and durable peace.

All services are based on a customised approach combining deep insight into the dynamics of peace and conflict processes with close collaboration at all levels of the partner organisation. This ensures that our partners realise their advantages, build more capable organisations and increase the possibility of a lasting impact.

We are committed to:

  • building capabilities of all stakeholders to address the challenges of ethnopolitical conflict
  • creating opportunities and clear problem solving
  • enhancing ¬†local capacities for peace
  • preserving local ownership over the peacebuilding process
  • ensuring sustainable impact
  • identifying innovative approaches and feasible, practical steps
  • bridging theory and practice in the field of peacebuilding
  • working together with high motivation, conviction and passion¬†over the long term