Vision - Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation Consultant ServiceVision: Austin Consult is an independent consulting practice for actors working in conflict environments on strategies for addressing ethnopolitical conflicts. We work with partners in all sectors and different regions to identify their greatest opportunities, address the most critical challenges and support them in transforming conflict and building a stable and durable peace. READ MORE 

Value & Guiding Notions:
Integrity and principle, local ownership, the long-term nature of change, and making an impact are some of our values and guiding notions. Our commitment to both our partners' capacity and to our own standards is the motivation of all our work. READ MORE 

We believe that there are no standard, universal approaches. Experience has shown that custom-built approaches for the diverse range of stakeholders yield the greatest impact.  In collaboration with each partner, we develop approaches that are grounded in the realities of their organisational capacities and capabilities as well as their unique position within the peace and conflict processes. READ MORE

Consultation Process Cycle: How we do it & what you can expect
The consultation process cycle aims to give you a clear idea of how we work and what you can expect from our consultation services. While there is no single one approach fits all, we present the following as an idea of how we work together with our partners. It has been based on many years of working in field with a wide range of actors. ..READ MORE

Our partners include decision makers on the Track 1.5 and project leaders on the management level. Many are NGOs working in difficult conflict environments who continue to show remarkable courage and determination in tackling the challenges posed by the crisis in their own settings. We have also supported academic institutions, governmental and inter-governmental agencies, civil society and peace practitioners in general, the development cooperation sector and charitable institutions. Our services are available to all stakeholders who are working openly and honestly for reducing violent conflict and striving for peace..READ MORE