framework approaches - peacebuilding & conflict transformationOver the past few years there has been a growing recognition of conflict and peace as a system and the need for multi-dimensional approaches. International experience has shown and proven that single activities are not only complemented by but also must be linked to other processes to transform conflict. When Track 1 negotiations stall, for example, frequently paths forward can be found through Track 1.5 or Track 2 problem-solving workshops.

Our work aims to go beyond a project or activity level focus and understand how the project links into the bigger picture of change in the specific setting. In formulating multi-dimensional approaches, we understand the need to balance the everyday constraints that occur in-field on the one hand and ideal constellations of activities on the other.

Impact Cases

Enhancing Cooperation for a Grassroots, Non-Violent Action Project
Northern Sri Lanka

Developing a Practical Strategic Framework for Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka: moving from a pioneering to a consolidated phase of network building
Sri Lanka