evaluation - peacebuilding and conflict transformation consultant servicesWell-intended peacebuilding, development cooperation or humanitarian assistance activities might have unintended negative impacts on the peace and conflict processes. Changing dynamics in the conflict system can have problematic side-effects on activities which, in turn, further entrench conflict lines, parties and power structures and exacerbate the crisis. The flood of resources that agencies bring too will influence the political and economical situation from a country level to the local markets.

Over the last decade, there has been a growing interest in peacebuilding and conflict transformation projects and programmes. Development cooperation and humanitarian assistance in crisis environments have worked to integrate conflict sensitive planning into their work. However, further work is required to ensure that intervention strategies are fully and conscientiously planned with a clear reflection and effort on identifying the unintended impacts of the proposed course of action.

Our Competencies

  • implementing participatory approaches to identify which strategies work under which conditions
  • reviewing current projects with an eye to what else could be more useful
  • combining national and international intervention methodology to conflict transformation with local and tradition approaches ¬†already in situ
  • conducting peace and conflict impact assessments
  • facilitating Do No Harm methodology
  • identifying unintended, implicit messages conveyed by agencies and promoting reflected behaviour by project staff
  • assisting local stakeholders to meet donor evaluation requirements
  • conceptualising evaluation and monitoring processes