crimeTransnational organized crime remains a continually growing challenge facing many countries as well as the international community. High levels of organised crime adversely affect a country’s ability to achieve economic development. Organised crime undermines government institutions and public trust in the state and even endangers democracy itself.

Unless further efforts are invested into multi-dimensional and integrated approaches addressing the root causes, mobilisation strategies and catalysts, the combat of transnational organised crime will remain fettered and criminals will continue to enjoy the fruits of their illegal activities.

Our Competencies

  • develop framework analysis elucidating root causes, facilitating factors, catalysts, mobilising and motivating strategies and triggers of transnational organised crime
  • provide a sense of the larger picture of transnational organized crime
  • identify the unique differences between countries
  • emphasis the need for a regional approach
  • identify supporting regional and international structures for national approaches

Impact Cases

Making Sense of Transnational Organised Crime