crimeTransnational organized crime, narco-states and failed states have recently featured heavily in the national and international debates. However, the literature within the crime sector displays a significant lack of consensus on a number of fundamental issues.

Specifically, work focusing on the inter-linkage between organized crime, corruption and conflict transformation efforts is in short supply. Despite current efforts within the peacebuilding and conflict transformation field to understand this connection better, including the greed and grievance debates, further work is needed to develop a clear understanding of these inter-linkages and to provide a synthesis of findings of all the different research fields.

Our Competencies

  • developing framework analysis to elucidate the root causes, facilitating factors, catalysts, mobilising/motivating strategies and triggers of transnational organised crime
  • providing a sense of the larger picture of this nexus
  • identifying the unique differences between countries
  • emphasising the need for a regional approach
  • identifying supporting regional and international structures for national approaches