Enhancing Cooperation for a Grassroots, Non-Violent Action Project in Northern Sri Lanka

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cooperation - peacebuilding and conflict transformation consultant service

A German NGO and a Sri Lankan, local NGO requested an evaluation of current efforts with a view to re-vitalising their working relationship. The partnership between the two organisations was formed over ten years ago but had in recent years become dormant. Both organisations had substantial experience and expertise in the fields of conflict transformation and peacebuilding on the grassroots level and were looking to share and utilise their skills.

The immediate challenge was to identify what problem such a partnership could address. Beyond this, it aimed to develop successful funding proposals for grassroots civil peace service projects to make a constructive contribution to the war-torn communities in a northern town, specifically to support marginalised groups with a focus on women and their livelihoods.

framework - peacebuilding and conflict transformation consultant service

Together we worked to evaluate the organisations’ current efforts and develop concrete, future strategies for the partnership. This focused on:

  • organisational conflict sensitivity analysis
  • macro & micro background analysis
  • organisational evaluation
  • project proposal

civil society - peacebuilding and conflict transformation consultant service

Working in collaboration with both partners in equal measure and using a blend of meta-planning, scenario building, nimble evaluation and an extremely high degree of sensitivity, we managed to understand what worked, what could be done better and plan next steps. Specifically, we identified how to:

  • establish a clear role for civil society (track 3) as well as increasing their knowledge base to make informed decisions in the processes
  • instrumentalise the personal capacities of community mobilisers to address the structural causes and foreground factors of the conflict processes including their abilities to analyse problems, generate options and implement recommendations for civil society engagement
  • ensure a principled approach based on the fulfilment of fundamental human rights and needs for individual and social entities of all communities and peoples of Sri Lanka

impact framework proposal - peacebuilding and conflict transformation consultant service

Using a highly participatory approach, we were able to develop a successful project proposal that was based on partnership between the two organisations. Despite the changes on the ground in the conflict process, the project has continued to assist and support the local communities.

Throughout the implementation of three years, both organisations benefitted from a continual exchange in experience, knowledge and personnel. The project has been granted further finances for additional activities and length of implementation.