taking pleasure in finding things out - Austin Consult - peacebuilding and conflict transformation

Austin Consult is an independent consulting practice for decision makers and local stakeholders in conflict environments on strategies for addressing ethnopolitical conflicts.

We work with partners in all sectors and different regions to identify their greatest opportunities, address the most critical challenges and enhance their efforts towards transforming conflict and building a stable and durable peace.

In conjunction with partners, we deliver customised approaches in analysis, assessments, strategy development and training that resolve their most significant issues and create lasting impact. Drawing on rich in-field experiences and in-depth conceptual expertise, we look beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, understand organisational needs, identify tangible steps and enhance their capacities to implement effective approaches.

Our Services

Our services are based on a thorough understanding of the field and discipline of peacebuilding and conflict transformation and the core challenges, dilemmas and open questions that face our work. Our approach has developed from pursuing the latest theoretical and conceptual developments next to rigorous in-field efforts with local stakeholders to various peace and conflict processes.

We Offer:

Analysing & Assessing Advising & Strategising Training & Teaching
project evaluation & PCIA network development peacebuilding & conflict transformation theory & practice
feasibility studies multi-dimensional approaches non-violent communication
network mapping & audit strategy development training in negotiation & mediation
peace and conflict analysis (macro & micro) organisational development group/organisational development
organisational process evaluation    
systemic analysis